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Name: Randy Duque

Astrological Sign: Fire Dragon (East-Asian Astrological Sign)

Before [comin' back to] Empty Stares, I was/still am: workin' at getting My Master's in Applied Communication (Communication Sciences), teaching, working in the social justice sector, studying and instructing Kung Fu....

Pets: I had a puppy once that was dumped on me when I was in Korea; I also had a pair of "kissing fish" there, but I ended up killing one after it depleted the other's source of nutrients.

Favorite Restaurant: I've always loved Roy Rogers, when I can find one.

Secret talent: Not sure...Someone let me know.

If you were not a Famous Rock Star, what would you be?: Just as busy...

What's in your cd player now? (list artist and album title): Roller Coaster, "Come to Me" (Korean "acid pop" band)

If they made the Empty Stares movie, my part would be played by: Marc Dacascos...look him up.

If you could bring back any dead rock star, who would it be?: Extreme (yeah, I know...it's a band; the members aren't dead, but the group kicked ass...)

If you could invite anyone to dinner (dead or alive) who would it be?: Christopher Walken

What would your porno name be?: Phascolarctus Cinereus

Whats your policy on car sex?: If you're gonna do it, make sure your not alone....

What trick can get you into bed no matter what?: Offering me a place to lie down when I'm tired.

Favorite Recipe?: bacon, fried egg (sunny-side up), and rice

What are your three favorite internet sites?: http://www.homestarrunner.com

A Personal Quote: "Messages have no meaning..." -CMM (not mine, but I like it)

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