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From the 1997 Mudwax Records Release "Horse Nation, A Tribute to the life, death, and drugs of the Cult"


From the 1996 Release "The Third Story Recording Sessions"

"Praise Outtake"
"Praise Vocals Outtake"
"Cloud Vocals Outtake"
"The Dive"

From the 1996 Release "The Grazing Bison Demo Recording Sessions"

"Everyone I Know (Demo)"
"Praise (Demo)"
"Cloud (Demo)"
"Flimsy Soul (Demo)"
"The Dive (Demo)"

From the 1995 Release "The Dead Milkmen Sessions"

"A Fraction Of...(Nothing At All)"
"Flimsy Soul"
"Praise (Demo)"

From the 1995 airplay of "In Name Only" on "Rockers with Ray Koob on WMMR"

"Empty Stares on WMMR (Clip 1)"
"Empty Stares on WMMR (Clip 2)"

From the 1994 live performances of "In Name Only" & "Sarcasm" at Obsessions Nightclub in Randolph, New Jersey

"In Name Only (Live Clip)"
"Sarcasm (Live Clip)"

From the 1994 Shangri-la Records Release "for..."

"INO (In Name Only)"
Spoken Word "The Champ"

From the 1992 Release "To One His Own"

"In Name Only"
"Death Of A Business Man"
"Web Of Addiction"
"Shameful Differences"
"War Torn"

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