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This is the official Empty Stares Website. Empty Stares was an Alternative rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA that was formed in 1992 and broke up in 1997. ES comprised of Mario (vocals), Randy (bass), Ted (guitar), Tom (guitar) and Kevin (drums). The band was formed as Point Blank in 1988 by blue-collar friends Ted, Mario & Kevin changing their name to Empty Stares with the addition of Randy and Tom soon after meeting at Cardinal Dougherty High School in 1990. The self-financed "To Each His Own" was released in 1992, but after graduating in 1993, and a reworking of their sound, they were signed to Shangri-la Records.

Their dynamic of melodic alternative rock that occasionally expanded into full-blown trance nu-metal mode, complete with lyrics that strike a grim tone on life, was evident on the highly successful Shangri-la Records Release "for...", where spiritual overtones were also present. This earned Empty Stares a management contract with Buzz Trip and a booking contract with Bay Ridge Talent, NYC and extensive touring with the likes of Anthrax, Clutch, The Misfits, Life Of Agony, Type O Negative and Gwar. No less intense was 1997's "Rain", produced, by Joe Campbell of MudWax Records. One of their last songs written "Changes", addressed the changes they were going through, and allowed the band to expand their musical direction. The band's unexpected success continued into 1996 when "for..." was certified as selling 10,000 copies in the USA. By 1997, the band was due a much needed break, and have remained on hiatus ever since.

Nevertheless, almost 15 years since they have graduated high school together, Empty Stares are all still friends and keep in touch. Maybe someday we will see them write / record and perform once again... until then, we will all walk the path between.

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